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Frequently Asked Questions
- and Answers!


What problems do you deal with?

You will see from the pages on ‘Services’ that I am trained and experienced in working with a wide range of difficulties. If I feel that a particular problem could be more usefully addressed through a different type of therapy or help, then I will discuss this with you in the initial meeting and help you find someone appropriate for your needs.

How does counselling/psychotherapy work?

By offering a reliable and confidential relationship in which to explore past hurts, present difficulties, and future hopes and fears. It can offer support during times of crisis or transition, and also help in making sense of present difficulties that may stem from past experiences. In so doing, it is possible to find ways of understanding and managing difficult feelings or situations differently.

When I look at other people I think they have more problems than me. How do I know if my problem is big enough to come and see a counsellor?

If it is bothering you it is worth talking about. Sometimes even a few sessions can make a lot of difference.

I've been to counselling before and I didn't get on with the counsellor. Was that my fault and is it worth trying again?

To talk about the personal details of your life you need a good atmosphere. If you don't feel comfortable with the counsellor or therapist it is going to feel difficult to really confide in them. Finding someone you feel you can get on with with is very important , but it is not unusual to find the process uncomfortable or awkward to begin with. If you do feel anxious talking about yourself, or certain aspects of your difficulties, do let me know this when you come.

I think I might want to talk to a male counsellor instead. Is this OK?

Of course. Such questions might well form part of an Initial consultation. If you would like to work with a male counsellor we can also discuss this further and if you decided at the end of our meeting that you would like me to recommend someone then I can do so. Equally, if I felt that a particular colleague might be better suited to working with you and your particular difficulties we can discuss this option too.

How long would I have to come for?

Each session usually lasts for 50 minutes (for individual sessions) and 60-90 minutes for couples / groups. Sometimes people come for weekly sessions, sometimes 2-3 times per week, and sometimes once a fortnight or month. We can discuss this together too when we meet as to what might be most useful and possible for you.

If you want to set a limit on the number of sessions you receive, you can say so. Otherwise it is for you and the therapist to agree as you go along.

I have a very busy life. Will I have to wait around like I do at the doctor's surgery?

No. I make a point of starting and ending sessions at the agreed time. I do not have a waiting room so please arrive at your session time. To protect your anonymity it is also better if you don't bump into another client, so I do leave a short gap between appointments to make sure this doesn't happen.

I don't want anyone else to know what I've talked to you about. Can you guarantee this?

Confidentiality is an essential aspect of the therapeutic process. Building trust is essential and this is difficult if you are wondering who else will know. There are 2 areas which fall outside the confidentiality agreement and these are: intention to harm other people and intention to harm yourself. There may be occasions when we feel that it would be useful to consult with your doctor or psychiatrist and I would always request your permission before doing this.

More information

If you would like further general information about psychotherapy or counselling generally, please visit the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy( or the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (



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